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In January 2006, Seneca College expanded its offering of courses leading to the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s (AIC) CRA and AACI designations. These courses are offered in the evenings, and are available at Seneca College's @York and Newnham Campus in North York.

Course Schedule & Registration

Visit Seneca's AIC schedule and registration page for full schedule details. Note: “BUSI” courses offered by Seneca College have an “AIC” prefix, (e.g., BUSI 443 is the same course as AIC 443).

Course registration is conducted directly through Seneca College, and all fees for course tuition and course materials are paid to Seneca College. Visit Seneca's AIC schedule and registration page.

Tuition and Course Materials

The tuition for each course is $696 and does not include the cost of the course materials. The cost of the materials varies depending on the course and materials can be purchased directly from the Seneca College Bookstore.

Transcript Reviews (Optional)

Students taking AIC subjects at Seneca or through UBC are encouraged to have their post-secondary transcripts reviewed for possible exemptions. All Transcript Reviews are completed by the Real Estate Division, UBC. Transcript reviews are not conducted by Seneca College. To request a Transcript Review, please compete the Transcript Review Form and send it to the Real Estate Division, UBC along with original transcripts from post-secondary institutions.

Upon completion of the transcript reviews, students will receive a program plan indicating which subjects (if any) they are exempt from and which are required to complete to achieve an AIC designation.


All new students are required to include a one–time application fee of $75. Canadian transcripts are assessed for a $50.00 review fee; non-Canadian transcripts are assessed for a review fee of $100.00. If eligible, you may either be granted a full exemption, or be required to write a challenge examination for the course. The cost for each challenge examination is $150.00. Students may purchase examination study materials from the Real Estate Division. All of these fees are paid directly to the Real Estate Division, UBC.

Membership, Candidacy and Designation Requirements

For information about AIC membership, candidacy, and designation requirements, please refer to the Become an Appraiser section of the AIC website.

Degree Requirement

Candidates must hold a degree from an accredited university in order to attain use of the CRA and AACI designations. This is not an entrance requirement for candidacy but an exit requirement. Candidates have 10 years from the date of candidacy to complete their degree, in order to be eligible for their designation.