Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Opportunities for AIC Members

The Real Estate Division offers several options for Appraisal Institute of Canada members who are seeking continuing professional development opportunities. All of the programs and courses listed below are "guaranteed credits" for AIC's Continuing Professional Development Program.

  • Professional Development Courses
    The Real Estate Division offers a series of Professional Development courses aimed at satisfying real estate practitioners' continuing education needs. The courses are offered through distance education on a self-paced schedule, in "bite-sized" lessons on specialized topics. For more information, please visit the Professional Development Courses webpage.

  • Advanced Studies in Real Estate
    UBC's Advanced Studies in Real Estate program offers advanced real estate practitioners an opportunity to return for further study in specialized real estate topics (e.g., property development, appraisal, assessment, or management). The program is primarily aimed at graduates of UBC's Diploma in Urban Land Economics or equivalent programs such as the AIC education program, who wish to advance their studies into additional areas of expertise. For more information, please visit the Advanced Studies in Real Estate webpage.

Stand-Alone UBC Courses for AIC CPD Credit

Courses in the Appraisal Institute of Canada's Distance Education Program can be taken as stand-alone courses for CPD purposes. Each course counts for 12 credit hours. For CPD purposes, students are required to successfully complete all of the assignment questions and project sections contained in any course, but they are NOT required to write the final examination (successful completion means a minimum 60% average grade, based on the overall grade weighting regularly applied in the course). Since there is no examination requirement students do not receive University credit for their course. In addition, students are not subject to admission requirements including the UBC Admission Fee and the high school transcript submission requirement. The tuition for UBC courses taken for CPD purposes is the same as that for the regular offering of that course. Please see the Tuition and Additional Fees section for details.


To register for Real Estate Continuing Professional Education courses, please go to the Registration webpage and select a desired method to register. On your registration form, please be certain to indicate that you are taking this course for CPD purposes. Note that if you are taking a credit course (e.g., in the Advanced Studies in Real Estate program), then you may need to be admitted to UBC first -- see our Admissions webpage for more information.

Receiving Credit

After completing the course requirements, students will need to keep a printed record of successful completion for up to five years, in case of CPD audit by AIC. Proof of successful completion can include grade letters, a printout of your "Course History", transcript, certificate/award of completion, or any document that shows your passing grade. For more information on the AIC CPD program, AIC members can view AIC Continuing Professional Development Guidelines and Policies (link for members only) or contact your provincial AIC office.