BA511 - Community Business Project

This module is designed to be a culminating experience for students in the MM program. The major themes of this module are managing ambiguity, integrated decision-making and teamwork, and horizontal influence. The Capstone module is comprised of the Capsim business simulation.

One of the primary objectives of the module is to help you bring together the different concepts and skills you have acquired throughout the program. Soon you will graduate, begin new careers, and face management challenges that will require integrated approaches to handle well. Your Capstone module centers around Capsim, a business simulation which is used in many professional business programs, as well as by consulting companies and other organizations, to test and train students and employees. The game involves making integrative decisions in response to market, financial, and operational challenges.

The second objective of the course is to increase your understanding of horizontal influence. Assuming you have high quality ideas to share, your success depends on your ability to convince your peers of the merits of these ideas.

Instructor Biography: TBA

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (to be posted)

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