Customer Relationship Management

Over the past few decades, many firms have shifted from product-centric thinking to customer-centric thinking in marketing research and practice. Customer relationship management has become a core marketing strategy in many industries. In this course, we introduce students the basic concepts of customer relationship management. We discuss topics such as the metrics for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, the usage of RFM analysis in direct marketing, the economics of customer relationship and the design of customer loyalty programs. We also expose students to trending topics such as how to incorporate social media, how to perform customer based web analytics, and how to manage search advertising in acquiring new customers. The course uses a variety of learning methods, including regular lectures, case studies, guest speakers from the industry, and a term-long research project. Students are expected to gain a deep managerial understanding of customer relationship management and a practical analytical experience on real customer databases.

Instructor Biography– Yanwen Wang

Course Outline – Class of 2018 (To be posted)

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