BA 507 BSI: Global Immersion

This module is aimed at integrating substantive knowledge in various domains (the ‘what’ issue), with explicit context considerations (the ‘where’ issue).

Global Immersion - 3.0 credits

BA 507 Business Strategy Integration: Global, known as the Global Immersion Experience (GIE), is designed to increase students’ ability to solve integrated business problems. Building on BA504 Business Strategy Integration: Foundation and other foundational MBA courses, this course further develops skills in critical thinking, analytical decision-making, communication, ethics, and social responsibility. The course brings the added dimension of a global context to these skills, exposing students to issues of international business strategy, inter-cultural fluency, global business practices, and regional business trends and networks.

GIE is an experiential learning program designed to increase students’ ability to solve integrated business problems in a global context. The course comprises three sections:

  • Three pre-trip preparatory workshops, delivered during the fall/winter;
  • A two-week defined program of study in an overseas location; and
  • A post-trip debrief event.

 During GIE, students will build on many of the skills and knowledge introduced in BA 504. In contrast to BA 504, however, GIE will challenge students to apply an integrated perspective to a project in a context beyond Canada.This experience will provide students with an opportunity to consider the role of national context (e.g., regulatory frameworks, economic institutions, culture and politics) and its influence on business practices.

Students will be assigned to an international destination based on their location preferences, and their faculty lead will organize them into teams. In these teams, students will apply integrated business concepts to a live project that originate from a project client in one of the four GIE countries.

With their consulting team, students will develop a set of informed, well-researched recommendations to present to project clients. In addition, students will participate in a variety of business challenges to familiarize them with the national context.

Instructor Biographies - Darren Dahl, Danielle van Jaarsveld, Lisa Cavanaugh and Rob Prowse

Course Outline - Class of 2019 (updated October 4, 2017)

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