BAEN 580A Social Entrepreneurship


Social entrepreneurship is an innovative, growing, and rapidly evolving field in business that tackles social and environmental challenges through business perspectives and methods.

Social entrepreneurs are distinctive in their focus on a social mission as the primary, driving force of their organization. Traditional business performance measures – such as growth and profit – are relevant and important to social entrepreneurs, but not as standalone outcomes; rather, the value of growth and profit is manifested in the organization’s ability to achieve its social mission more quickly and effectively.

Social entrepreneurs see opportunity in the blurring of the traditionally separate roles of governments, non-governmental organizations, and companies, and social ventures can take a wide variety of forms ranging from non-profit to for-profit – and countless innovative hybrids in between. This course will concentrate on for-profit and profit-hybrid models, but many of the principles and tools are applicable to any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial (new social or environmental change initiatives in existing organizations) endeavours with a social mission.

Instructor Biography - Garth Yule

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated July 31, 2017)