BAEN 502 Growing and Exiting a Venture

This course is about how to successfully manage sales, marketing, and business development in a new venture. This new venture can be a brand new “start-up”, or a group within an existing company that is entering a new market. The new venture has a set of problems that are not easy to solve. What is the market? Who are the customers? How do we build the team? How do we scale sales? This course’s theme is that most new ventures fail from lack of customers, not lack of product. There is a need for a “Customer Development” process in parallel with the “well-known” product development process. The customer development process allows for learning, and discovery, of customer needs in an iterative process early on, without large amounts of cash and people. The Customer Development process introduces the idea that “Market Type” determines the behavior and activities of a new venture. The new venture will act differently in an “existing market” vs. a “new market” or “re-segmented market”. The time frames and objectives are different. The Customer Development process will be discussed in detail, along with examples of it in action and how to put it into practice.

Instructor Biography - Blair Simonite

Course Outline - Class of 2018 (updated July 21, 2017).

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