MBA or Master of Management

What's the difference?

While the Master of Management degree is internationally recognized and ideal for opening new doors in your field, it does differ from our MBA program, as well as other top-tier MBA programs, in several significant ways.

UBC MM Program Top-tier MBA Programs
Previous Work Experience Not required; direct entry from Bachelor’s degree Required. Typically 5+ years of full-time professional work experience acquired after a Bachelor’s degree
Timing You can begin the MM directly after completion of Bachelor’s degree. Typically at 22 or 23 years of age Average age of students is 28-30
Length of Program 9 months 1-2 years
Program Content Broad-based management education including topics on all major business functions Introduction to all major business functions plus the ability to specialize / major in a specific area
Employment Outcomes Based on Bachelor’s and MM degree. Typically entry-level management positions in a broad range of business fields Based on professional work experience of 5+ years and MBA degree. Typically senior-level management positions