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Program Overview

In just twelve months, the UBC MBAN gives candidates with quantitative backgrounds sought-after analytical skills within a broader business context. Our graduates will be able to apply advanced analytical tools and methods to address management challenges in today’s business world. Candidates will complete 33 credits, taking courses in data handling, data analytics and decision analytics. All candidates will participate in a 3-month Analytics Consulting Internship where students will have the opportunity to gain real world experience and hands-on business skills with leading organizations.See the MBAN Program Journey in detail here.

Learning Outcomes

Be prepared to drive real change. Graduates of the UBC MBAN will be equipped with practical,extremely sought-after skills.


Advanced analytical decision making


Gain a sound understanding of the mathematics and statistics upon which advanced analytical methods are based, building on your quantitative background. You will be able to collect, manage and make sense of large data sets by using statistical, programming and database tools.

  Understanding of the business context

Develop a deep understanding of the way a business runs, including operations management, supply chain management and marketing.

  Problem solving skills


Learn to identify issues and drive change within an organization.

  Communication skills, both oral and written

Over the course of the program you will give several presentations and write reports to integrate analytics into business strategy.

  Teamwork skills  

Throughout the UBC MBAN you will work in groups and make global connections that enrich your experience.

  Ethics and social responsibility

Evaluate the risks and implications of your recommendations by adopting a strategic approach to social issues.


Leveraging Competitive Advantages

In a highly competitive field, the UBC MBAN has significant advantages.




All students participate in a 3-month internship where you apply your technical expertise in an organization's environment. By working alongside UBC Sauder's Centre for Operations Excellence or directly with our world-leading faculty, you will gain hands-on consulting experience and contribute to a business's success.




COE has longstanding partnerships with top organizations, allowing UBC MBAN candidates to benefit from its rich network of industry partners and professionals.


The COE is also the winner of the prestigious UPS George D. Smith Prize, the leading international award recognizing top operations research programs connecting industry with higher education.