Online Application

1. Ensure that you have read and understood the admissions requirements.
2. Confirm that you will meet the appropriate deadline.
3. Prepare the necessary information for completing the application.
4. Complete the online application (within two weeks of beginning the application).
5. Retain a printed copy of your application for your records.
6. Ensure that you receive an application number and confirmation letter.
7. Submit all supporting documentation.

Preparing to Complete the Application
Considerable preparation time is required to complete the application. We encourage you to compose the required information first in a word processing program such as Word or Notepad, and then cut and paste it into the appropriate fields in the online application. Since the online application supports plain text only, avoid formatting such as specifying fonts and font sizes, bold, italics, underline, bullets, centering and justifying. In particular, avoid using tabs.

Complete the Online Application
You may complete this application any time within two weeks of beginning the application. Your work is saved when you click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the each page. After successfully completing the Personal Information on page 3 of 12 and moving to the next page, the system will assign you an Access Code. You may then login again to complete the application any time within the allowed two week period. Applications that are not fully completed and submitted within two weeks are deleted from the system.

Confirmation of Completed Application
When you click 'Submit this Application' at the end of the application process, you will receive an eight-digit application number and confirmation letter. It is your responsibility to ensure that you successfully receive this confirmation.

Submit All Supporting Documentation
It is your responsibility to ensure that all supporting documents are received by the UBC PhD and MSc Programs office within 14 days of completing your electronic application.

Admission files are only reviewed upon receipt of all required application materials including the transcripts, referee letters, GMAT (or GRE if MSc applicant) and TOEFL/IELTS/MELAB (if required). Applications received or completed after the deadlines will be considered only if space is available.

If you have applied to our programs within the last two years, it is not necessary to submit new letters of reference and new transcripts unless you have undertaken further academic studies, as we retain all documentation for a two-year period.

Application Fee Payment
If you apply online, you can pay the application fee using our secure server. Payment may be made using either Mastercard or Visa.