Make Moves in Your Career

Candidates of the Part-time UBC MBA, the foundation that the UBC Professional MBA has evolved from, have been very successful in making changes in their career. In fact, 93% enhanced their career either by promotion, company change or entire career paths.

The program provides students the value and skills they need to make career shifts, oftentimes within the duration of the program.

Career Changes

Students have seen great success, as they used the career services and knowledge to pivot their careers into another field. Here are a sample of students who have done this by the end of the program:

Start of the Program
By the End of the Program
Account Manager at a Financial Institution VP of Operations at a Activewear/Lifestyle Apparel Company
Geoscientist at a Mining Company Marketing and Strategy Consultant at a Pharmaceutical Company
Pricing Coordinator at a Transportation Logistics Company Sales Analyst at a Homeware/Commercial Hardware Manufacturer


Students also choose to transition into new roles within their organizations. Here is a sample of examples of promotions seen while students were in the program:

Pre-Empt Research Program Manager at a Higher Education Institution Network Manager
Director, Corporate Finance Division at a Financial Institution Managing Director
Product Manager at a Telecommunications Company Business Strategy Consultant
Senior Sales Engineer at a Canadian Department Store Retailer District Operations Manager

Employers of Class of 2016 graduates

Below is a small sample of employers who have hired our graduates:

BMO Finning CAT
Fortis BC
Metro Vancouver Oracle
Schneider Electric Scotiabank
Vancouver Coastal Health