Why a Part-time UBC MBA?

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Learn to think like a top-level manager

In class, you’ll be expected to arrive prepared, contribute, defend your opinions and support others. As the program progresses, you’ll find yourself thinking more and more like a top-level manager and making critical decisions that can affect the success of a company and improve its bottom line. 

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Contribute more to your company’s success

As part of the program, you will design a project of your choice and work with a Faculty Advisor to bring it to life. Choosing a project within your organization presents an opportunity to demonstrate your initiative and value to your boss, while exploring a project in a field in which you’ve always been interested can help confirm whether or not it’s the right direction for you. Past students have even used this part of the program to develop a new venture idea and access help and resources to develop a business plan or feasibility study.

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Join a diverse cohort

Your Part-time UBC MBA class is made up of everyone from professionals in a wide range of fields. The structure of our classes emphasizes collaboration, meaning you’ll find yourself participating in a variety of discussions - from marketing complexities within the utilities sector to challenges with implementing process flow in the healthcare industry.

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Position yourself for career success

Opportunities to develop your career are woven throughout the program, including mandatory professional development workshops. Sauder’s Business Career Centre is staffed with advisors (including a dedicated Part-time UBC MBA career coach) who know exactly what today’s employers are looking for.

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Add global experience to your resume

International experience is highly valued in today’s job market. This optional two-week international project lets you develop the confidence to work in the global marketplace through gaining first-hand knowledge of another country’s culture and commerce. Past locations included Bangalore, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Singapore.

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