Part-Time UBC MBA Value & ROI

What is the value of your Part-Time UBC MBA?

One of the most common questions you will ask yourself when looking for an MBA is "Is it worth it?" Like anything, the value of your MBA in terms of what you get out of it professionally and personally, as well as its financial value to your career, will partly depend on what you put into it.

With the Part-Time UBC MBA program, ensuring you get the return on investment you want - while still gaining the high quality business knowledge and experience you need - is also one of our priorities. Tuition is priced competitively against other top-ranking Canadian MBA programs. Best of all, our Part-Time MBA program is designed to fit around your busy lifestyle, allowing you to add a world-class postgraduate business qualification to your resumé without having to take a break in your career.

Part-Time UBC MBA return on investment

The Part-Time UBC MBA program is a valuable investment that will pay dividends. While, like UBC MBA alumni before you, you will definitely see a financial reward, you will also discover its worth in other important areas - your own professional and personal growth and the lifelong friends and contacts you make.



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