International Applicants

We are pleased that you are considering applying for the full-time UBC MBA at the Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about the UBC MBA Experience, including what it’s like to live and study in Vancouver, and what the UBC MBA involves in our Program Overview.

International Exchange Program students

Please visit Inbound Exchange for information about our MBA program, important dates, housing, medical insurance, visas and orientations.

All other International applicants

Please apply online through the regular admission channels, making sure you read the extra instructions on English proficiency exams and transcripts below:

  English language translations of transcripts and degree certificates

Graduates from an institution where English was not the language of instruction must arrange to send all academic records (i.e. transcripts and degree certificates) accompanied by certified English language translations to the Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

If your institution is able to provide translated academic records in English, please have them sent to the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, in envelopes sealed and endorsed by your institution. All translations must be a literal translation of the original document. Do not open this envelope.

If your university is unable to provide translated academic records in English, you must do the following:

  1. Arrange to have the original language documents translated by a Certified English translator.

  2. Make a photocopy of your original language transcripts and degree certificates, if required.

  3. Take the photocopy to a Certified English Translator and ask them to provide a complete, word-by-word, literal English translation, endorsing the translation with their numbered seal.
  4. Ask the translator to put both the original language transcript and degree certificate photocopies and the literal English translations into a sealed envelope and endorse the envelope by stamping their numbered seal/stamp across the sealed envelope. Without opening the envelope, submit the translations in the sealed, endorsed envelope to the Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

  5. Submit your original language official transcripts, and degree certificate if required, in sealed, endorsed envelopes from your home university to the Robert H. Lee Graduate School - do not open this envelope.

International Tuition + Fees

The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits, but these estimated costs of living in Vancouver while in the UBC MBA program should give you a general idea.  Note that all expenses are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Full - Time MBA (International)






  Student Fees
* includes U-PASS & AMS Extended Health insurance
  MBA Student Building Fee
  MBA Society Fee
  Global Immersion Experience
  Global Immersion Experience Administration Fee
  Textbooks, Course Fees, Supplies
* does not include computer supplies
$180 for first 3 months + $9 billing
  Medical Service Plan (BC Health Insurance)
  Rent (Average for 1 Bedroom Apartment off-campus)
  Utilities: Cable TV, Internet, Heat 
  Mobile phone (full package)
  Food & discretionary expenses

These are mandatory fees for students of the University of British Columbia. Students will receive a U-PASS, allowing all students unmitigated access to Vancouver’s transit system, and AMS Extended Health Insurance, which will cover the duration of their time in the program.