Sauder continues to climb up Financial Times global ranking for executive education

May 21, 2015

For the fourth straight year, Executive Education at the Sauder School of Business has risen among the world’s best in the Financial Times ranking of university-based professional development programs for business leaders.

Now ranked 43rd worldwide, Sauder is the only school west of Ontario to crack the top 50, and is one of only six Canadian schools to be included.

“Our position in the FT ranking is largely the result of feedback from the executives who participate in our programs. Our continued improvement in the ranking is a tribute and well deserved vote of confidence to our staff and faculty who strive to deliver the highest level of quality and impact to our customers,” said Bruce Wiesner, associate dean of executive education.

Sauder's success in meeting the needs of its executive education clients is reflected in its ranking of 16th worldwide – number one in Canada – in the category of “Repeat Business and Growth.” A measure of a program’s ability to establish long-term professional training relationships with clients, this rank highlights Sauder’s ability to provide educational experiences that inspire organizations to return for more.

“As a program focused on training busy executives, a key measure of our success is our customers’ decision to continue to invest their time and resources with us,” said Jackie Howard, director, program management at Sauder Executive Education. “It’s affirming that the managers who have chosen to meet their training goals with Sauder feel they get meaningful returns on their investment through the business value of what they learn.”

For their ranking of open enrolment programs, the Financial Times assesses the quality of short-term non-degree programs offered to managers and senior leaders. Sauder’s Executive Education customers rated their experience with the school across a range of criteria, from the caliber of the faculty and their teaching methods, to the relevance of course material and extent to which programs helped clients meet professional goals.

“One of the key attributes that defines Sauder Executive Education is the important role our award winning research faculty play in developing and delivering our courses,” said Wiesner. “They are bringing new ideas to the table and delivering them in a way that allows managers to put them into practice the day they go back to work.”

Sauder Executive Education offers a comprehensive range of open enrolment programs, from shorter courses for the broader business community to immersive weeklong residential courses for senior leaders. Delivering over 115 programs to more than 2,500 executives every year, Sauder Executive Education training is designed to have an immediate, positive impact on performance and minimize time away from the office.

The Financial Times produces a series of rankings rating the quality of business education, including a global MBA ranking in which the UBC MBA program offered by Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School ranked 81st worldwide in 2015, and a global Masters in Management (MM) ranking, which placed Sauder’s MM 49th in the world in 2014.


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