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Create a stronger connection with customers with our leading-edge open enrolment marketing and business development courses. Strengthen your sales performance and expand your marketing reach. Explore market opportunities to turn prospects into profits.

Accelerating Sales Team Performance

Designed for sales leaders, this course will help you leverage key sales leadership techniques for better business results. Increase your sales team’s performance with solid leadership, smart talent management, a strong sales culture and a winning sales process.

  • Strengthen your sales leadership capabilities
  • Sustain sales peoples’ commitment to action
  • Execute a sales program that delivers revenue and profit growth

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Building Brand Power

Powerful brands exhibit increased customer loyalty and higher profitability. Learn to develop and maintain effective brands for competitive advantage and growth. Strengthen brand health and capitalize on brand extension opportunities.

  • Evaluate how customers perceive your brand
  • Prolong the life cycle of well performing or premier brands
  • Revitalize neglected or underperforming brands

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Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy

Design and lead a customer service strategy and culture. Build customer programs that drive retention and revenue growth, while cultivating customers who become your best advertisements. Create a culture that fosters company-wide commitment to customer service excellence.

  • Develop a strategy for serving customers across all touchpoints
  • Establish new standards of service excellence
  • Implement customer satisfaction metrics that drive change

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Essentials of Business Development

Discover key sales strategies and processes for better business results. Improve your essential sales competencies by engaging in guided hands-on practice. Maximize your opportunities with new and existing customers, and accelerate your sales performance.

  • Engage in deeper dialogues with customers
  • Work smarter while prospecting and conducting business
  • Improve your commitment and closing approaches

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Fundamentals of Marketing for Non-Marketers

This course examines the fundamental concepts and skills of marketing, and the formulation of winning marketing strategies and action plans. Explore the basic toolkit that marketers use every day to segment customer groups and create lasting bonds with the target market.

  • Create positioning statements that provide sustainable differentiation
  • Develop great brands that connect with customers
  • Use the marketing mix to build competitive advantage

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Marketing Communications

Almost all communications today are “marketing” communications. These messages work best when they are held together with a consistent strategy and style. Create, manage and evaluate a marketing communications program that integrates multiple communication channels.

  • Generate strong media plans and brilliant creative
  • Hit your segmentation and communication targets
  • Use highly effective techniques to guide your efforts

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Product and Service Management Boot Camp

This five-day program provides managers with strategic frameworks and best practices for analyzing market opportunities and developing products and services that maximize profitability. Spot opportunities for growth and take your company to the next stage of success.

  • Create strategies to differentiate and market profitable product lines
  • Craft a winning launch plan
  • Enhance organizational capacity in marketing strategy and innovation

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Sales Acumen for Non-Sales Professionals

This workshop explores fundamental business-building strategies and skills, and ways to integrate them into your regular activities. The objective is to help you become more comfortable in a sales capacity, while delivering increased business value to your organization.

  • Sell in a way that enhances your professional esteem
  • Enhance your fluency in connecting with your clients’ needs
  • Develop new business opportunities and extend existing ones

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Tech Routes to Market

This workshop explores eight components of tech company high performance. In this course, participants become world class Tech RTM Strategists and tacticians.

  • Establish a new, or evaluate and assess a legacy RTM strategy
  • Set up organizational structures to manage multiple RTM
  • Develop strategies for RTM partners that meet their needs

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