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Smart organizations understand the value of human capital. Our human resource and organizational behaviour courses provide business leadership insights from an HR perspective to help you optimize your company’s greatest competitive advantage – its people.

Employment Law Essentials

This course describes the legislation regulating work standards, conduct, dismissal, discrimination and other vital elements of the employment relationship. It also looks at legal developments in emerging areas such as the use of technology in the workplace and privacy protection.

  • Explore best practices for employment termination
  • Learn how to draft enforceable restrictive covenants
  • Minimize the risk of disputes and litigation

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Fundamentals of Professional Human Resource Management

Designed for new or aspiring human resource practitioners, this course addresses all nine components of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) Competency Framework that establishes the national knowledge and experience standards for professional certification.

  • Engage in activities that develop HRM competencies
  • Contribute to HRM as a key driver of business success
  • Start your journey toward CPHR certification 

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Leading in a Unionized Workplace

Lead appropriately and confidently within a unionized setting. Develop a framework for interpreting the collective agreement. Learn constructive ways to deal with grievances and disciplinary action. Reduce reactance through honest two-way communication.

  • See how union representatives view and respond to management
  • Minimize conflict with the union over managerial actions
  • Uncover root causes of chronic problems and grievance

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Performance Management

Explore techniques for managing performance on an ongoing basis. Diagnose performance opportunities and problems, reinforce exemplary behaviour and motivate people to give their best. Create a work environment where people can grow while achieving mission-critical results.

  • Link individual role objectives to organizational goals
  • Coach individuals and teams to drive outstanding results
  • Manage the performance of high, solid and marginal employees

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