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Designed specifically for executive and administrative assistants, our administrative professional programs will help you take action to achieve powerful results. Enhance your personal influence and promote productive relationships with your boss and peers.

Leadership Excellence for Administrative Professionals

Learn strategic skills that will help you become a more effective administrative partner for those you support. Apply an executive mindset to make better decisions. Sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills. Manage upwards to diverse styles with confidence.

  • Adopt a strategic mindset for peak performance
  • Align your role with the organization’s goals and projects
  • Analyze problems to uncover optimal solutions

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Negotiation Skills for Administrative Professionals

Boost your productivity and power by developing negotiation skills to influence people at all levels, regardless of limits to your authority. Select the most effective negotiation strategies and methods for different situations. Reach mutually beneficial agreements and achieve closure.

  • Proactively plan your negotiations, to increase your potential to succeed
  • Manage your emotional responses to anger and conflict
  • Gain buy-in and commitment from others

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Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines? Use project management techniques to plan and manage your project workloads with less stress and better results. Direct your time, energy and resources wisely. Communicate effectively and work productively with others.

  • Define key goals, deliverables and completion criteria
  • Break large project tasks into smaller, more manageable ones 
  • Support multiple people and projects in a team setting

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