Inside Sauder Executive Education | UBC Sauder faculty James Tansey and Justin Bull on business disruption

Justin and James

Recently at The White Collar Factory in the heart of London's 'Tech City' district, UBC Sauder's James Tansey and Justin Bull sat down with Roddy Millar, Editorial Director at the global executive education publication Developing Leaders to talk about sustainability, innovation and how business is driving change.

Business has a significant role to play in helping to meet global sustainability goals, reducing the impacts of climate change and providing innovative new ways to create value, but are today’s leaders ready? Tansey and Bull address how UBC Sauder’s Executive Education programs are helping to prepare today’s business leaders for tomorrow’s business landscape by cutting through the noise to identify opportunities, reworking outdated business models, and challenging executives to think strategically about how they can future-proof their organizations.

Watch video clips below or visit Developing Leaders to view more.

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Video 1

What is the role for business in moving to a balanced economy?

Video 2

How can executives adjust their business models to embrace sustainability?

Video 3

What happens when sustainability is embedded in the core of an organization’s innovation drive?

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