The Chartered Director Program

The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) Program

The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program, delivered with The Directors College, is a unique Directors Education program that goes beyond theory to prepare you for the real world. The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program recognizes both sides of directorship—the “technical and structural” (rules-based) side and the “cultural” (principle-based and behavioural) side. This raises the bar for professional standards and the dynamic relationship between corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. We know the importance of having prepared and insightful directors who have the courage to ask important questions and the ability to collaborate in the boardroom.

With The Directors College, you don't just learn it .... you live it.

The Directors College

Who Would Benefit? Who Should Attend?

Delivered in 5 modules, the program is designed for directors currently serving on corporate boards. It is also designed for candidates and senior executives who intend to serve on corporate boards or work closely with boards and want to master the structure and dynamics of corporate governance. We strongly recommend that participants have board experience: for those without, business experience at a senior level is essential. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they are suitable candidates for the C.Dir. designation or for participation in individual modules.

The modules can be taken in any order in any location with the exception of Module 5: The Board Simulation which must be taken last.

How to Register for The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) Program

Registration fee: $4,370 per module (total of $21,850 [HST exempt]). The fee includes all sessions over the 2¼-day period (a total of 125 hours for all five modules), all program materials, all meals and accommodation during the session, and the graduation event.

Timeline: It is a total of 125 hours to complete all five modules. Modules must be completed within 18 months. Once complete delegates have 14 months to successfully write the exam to received their Chartered Director (C.Dir.) Designation.

Tax Note: All Directors College Programs qualify participants for a tax tuition receipt.

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