The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Disrupting the Status Quo and Mobilizing for
Organizational Change

Senior leaders today face enormous pressure to lead their organizations in complex, rapidly changing environments. The need for innovative solutions has wrought extensive changes in the art of leadership, and as with any creative discipline, mastery comes with practice.
In this course, you will apply the transformative framework of Adaptive Leadership: a ground-breaking capacity building and leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University. Learn the art of adapting effectively to disruption (or fomenting it, if necessary). Build skills for activating the potential in people. Practice collaborative methods for designing innovative solutions that drive systemic change.


  • Challenge assumptions that may be inhibiting your or your organization’s adaptive capacity
  • Analyze systemic and organizational dynamics and complexities
  • Use effective intervention to implement sustainable change
  • Promote open and honest conversations
  • Develop strategies for active learning amid competing agendas and changing contexts
  • Manage the inevitable stressors and dangers of leadership
  • Collaborate with others to mobilize collective wisdom


Canada BC Job Grant 

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