Taking the Stage®

Enabling Women to Project a Powerful Leadership Presence

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program enables women to project leadership through the lens of communication and to develop the skills needed to be seen as strong, confident leaders. Discover how to communicate effectively to get your point across. Adopt a “taking the stage” mindset, and script yourself with intention. Unlock the power of your voice, and achieve a confident and authentic leadership presence.

® Registered trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc.


  • Identify and overcome minimizing communication habits that might be undermining your ability to be perceived as an influential leader
  • Deliver clear, logical messages that motivate others
  • Use vibrant, assertive language 
  • Establish a powerful vocal presence
  • Achieve an authentic physical presence that conveys strength and confidence
  • Effectively navigate conflict in conversations
  • Develop your skills in a supportive peer-to-peer environment


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