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Strategy and Innovation

Manage Growth and Change with Innovative Strategies

Course Level: Advanced

Designed for senior managers and executives, this intellectually rich engagement program challenges you to explore the latest strategic tools and apply them directly to your business with the support and guidance of our world-class faculty.

You will develop and harness your own creative potential to deliver competitive advantage for your organization, and understand the different routes to successful innovation.

Develop Skills in:

Strategy Development Strategy and Innovation - Creativity
Change Management

Sunday - Monday Classroom Program

  Day 1

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Team Activity
Team Dinner
  Day 2 - 6

Program format: Interactive Residential Experience

SNI - Case Studies
  SNI Small Group
  SNI - Experiential  
Case studies
  Small group projects
  Experiential activities and lectures

Learning topics:

  • Strategy Fundamentals

  • New Tools in Strategy

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Understanding your Political Landscape

  • Organizational Culture

  • Change Management

Exclusive, High - Impact Learning

Meeting the Leadership Challenge - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

This program takes place at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Participants are required to stay for the week in order to absorb new ideas away from the daily office pressures and to participate fully in the program experience. Accommodation and all meals are included in the program fee. 

Benefits to You

Strategy provides the tools you need to lead your organization through turbulent times. You will be able to:

  • Apply effective cutting-edge strategic tools to your business
  • Foster innovation and creativity and harness them for competitive advantage
  • Understand the current and future business environment and how to plan for the unexpected
  • Assess and leverage your strategic organizational culture
  • Effectively manage the change required to deliver on your vision
  • Build your confidence and skill in operating in the strategic arena

Benefits to Your Organization

Strategy elevates good leaders to exceptional performers. This program will help participant organizations:

  • Develop their organizational capacity to define and implement effective business strategies
  • Capture the competitive benefits of innovation and creativity in the workplace
  • Capitalize immediately on the deepened insights and skills brought back to the workplace
  • Support their teams through periods of organizational change
  • Develop a long-term plan for the sustainability of the organization

Program Format

Even the deepest learning comes to nothing, if intent is not turned into action. This program is designed as a highly interactive experience, using case studies, group projects, experiential activities and lectures. Throughout the program you will receive individual guidance from leading-edge faculty, who are available beyond their session times.