Strategy Planning and Design

Create Strategies for Competitive Advantage

This course develops fundamental strategic management skills you can immediately apply back at work to improve performance and business results. Increase your capacity to think and act strategically by focusing on the latest ideas and practices in strategic management. Use strategic analysis and planning to identify opportunities and facilitate superior decision making. 

The main focus is on developing your own strategic plan. You will get hands-on practice in creating a strategic plan or strengthening an existing plan as part of your senior leadership role.


  • Learn critical strategy concepts and practices used by successful organizational leaders
  • Gain a strategic planning framework to guide your planning process
  • Identify the forces that are changing your company’s external environment
  • Determine the key success factors to drive your business to the next level of performance
  • Ascertain your competitive advantage and understand how to strengthen it
  • Develop metrics to measure success
  • Build a dynamic strategy with capability for rapid re-design

Canada BC Job Grant 

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