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Strategies and Skills of Negotiation

Negotiate with Skill and Confidence to Achieve Better Results

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to negotiation. You will learn effective strategies and techniques for a variety of negotiation situations: from two-party/single issue, to complex negotiations involving multiple issues and parties, to negotiating online. To ensure practical relevance and develop critical negotiation skills, you will apply the content in actual negotiation exercises.


  • Improve your negotiation planning by identifying key issues and goals
  • Design appropriate strategies for the negotiation situation
  • Build negotiating power by developing alternatives
  • Detect and steer clear of psychological traps
  • Evaluate the objectives, strengths and weaknesses of those with whom you negotiate
  • Identify the advantages and risks of competition and cooperation
  • Negotiate effectively in one-on-one and multi-party settings
  • Navigate the unique challenges of online negotiations
  • Deal constructively with ethical dilemmas