Puzzling It Out: Problem Solving and Insight Thinking for Business

Unleash the Power of Puzzles to Become a Better
Decision Maker

Course Level: Fundamental

Too often in business we settle for quick solutions chosen by habit, rather than trying new approaches. We especially discount approaches that involve having fun: we assume we are not taking things seriously. In evolutionary terms, however, play has a very serious purpose. By sparking insights and full-brain thinking, it prepares us to meet life’s most pressing challenges.

This unique workshop engages the power of puzzles to propel your lateral-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving prowess. Recognize the role puzzles can play in building your mental fitness for business. Open the pathways of insight, to see the inner nature of things and relationships. Reclaim the power of play to become a better decision maker in business and in life.



  • Learn principles of “how to solve it”
  • Ask pointed questions to overcome roadblocks and advance toward a solution
  • Use the entire problem-solving apparatus in your brain
  • Find new ways to think outside the box
  • Simplify problems to see the key points, and search for alternative ways to solve them
  • Collaborate with others to gain insight and get unstuck
  • Increase your confidence and have more fun when trying something new



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