Project Portfolio Management

From Organizational Vision and Strategy to Project Execution

Course Level: Advanced

Designed for experienced project leaders and executives who oversee projects in an organizational context, this course describes a disciplined process for linking the organization’s strategy with its project work. Interpret company strategy, and use the strategy to drive better portfolio management and project team leadership. Establish sound procedures for portfolio governance, and develop project execution processes that support organizational objectives. 

This core course is aligned to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) standards.

Instructor Denise Holleran-Boswell

Denise Holleran Boswell

Denise Holleran-Boswell brings more than 35 years of project management experience to the classroom.With highly interactive classrooms, Denise works to engage students through simulated exercises, "We give them a little bit of theory and then we have them work in teams and actually learn by doing."

"I found Denise really easy to learn from and follow. She definitely has a lot of experience and gives understandable, real-life examples and as a result you can imagine yourself in these situations.”

- Karen Obeck, Manager of Real Estate and Leasing
  Vancouver Coastal Health


  • Understand how organizational strategy drives all project initiatives
  • Align the portfolio with organizational strategy
  • Build a pragmatic approach to portfolio management
  • Develop and maintain an effective governance structure
  • Choose projects that will best support company strategy
  • Apply proven techniques to effectively manage the portfolio
  • Use monitoring techniques to gauge and report portfolio performance

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