Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Lead Your Projects and Large Tasks to Success

Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines? Designed for executive assistants and other administrative professionals, this course shows how to use project management techniques to change the way you approach projects and large tasks. Learn how to plan, prioritize and manage projects and deadlines in fast-paced work environments, with less stress and better results.


  • Make sound decisions about how and where to direct your time and energy
  • Take better control by differentiating project tasks from daily ongoing tasks
  • Communicate more effectively by using correct project management terms
  • Build skills in planning, prioritizing, monitoring, controlling and evaluating projects and timelines
  • Apply project management processes for supporting multiple people and projects in a team setting
  • Overcome common project challenges and avoid getting overwhelmed
  • Manage project workloads more efficiently, and lead projects for maximum results

Canada BC Job Grant 

2018/2019 Course Calendar