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Product and Service Management
Boot Camp

Develop and Manage Products and Services that Connect
with Customers

Tim Silk

This interactive three-day program provides managers with the latest thinking and best practices in product management. Apply a tangible framework for developing your product/service strategy. Analyze your market opportunities and create products and services that maximize profitability. Spot opportunities for growth, and take your company to the next stage of success.

Benefits to You

  • Understand your organization’s market position and its unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Anticipate the future, to spot opportunities for growth
  • Allocate resources among products
  • Price your products and services for optimum profitability
  • Evaluate your ideas to determine which ones to drop and which to pursue
  • Develop and manage profitable, sustainable products/services across the product life cycle
  • Create strategies to differentiate and market various product lines
  • Execute effective marketing strategies that leverage market insights
  • Collect customer feedback, and loop it back to improve the product or service
  • Lead a creative, customer-focused product team

Benefits to the Organization

  • Develop organizational capacity in marketing strategy and innovation
  • Spot and capitalize on opportunities before your competitors do
  • Benefit immediately from the deepened insights and skills brought back to the workplace
  • Create and support an organizational culture that values innovation and risk-taking
  • Strengthen your competitive position within the market
  • Gain a long-term plan for ongoing profitability and sustainability