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Presenting as a Leader™

Presenting Ideas with Clarity and Confidence

Too many presentations fail to inspire because they focus on information rather than inspiration.

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this powerful program will enable you to present your ideas so that others are inspired to act upon them. Deliver presentations with a clear message, persuasive structure and compelling language. Create visuals that present ideas rather than information. Project a confident yet natural presence in every interaction.

To ingrain your learning experience, the program includes hands-on presentation workshops in formal, informal and off-the-cuff situations.

™Trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc.


  • View all presentations as leadership opportunities, and move from an informational to an inspirational style
  • Create a powerful message that reflects your leadership thinking
  • Build a logical structure that is reinforced by strong horizontal logic in your slides
  • Think visually to design slides that are clear, beautiful, and impactful
  • Speak about rather than read your slides
  • Use your body language, pace, eye contact, and expression to engage your audience
  • Present material on the fly, even when you haven’t prepared it yourself
  • Answer questions concisely and confidently



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