Negotiation Skills for Administrative Professionals

Develop your Influencing Powers Despite Limits in Authority

To achieve productive results, administrative professionals must effectively negotiate deadlines, resources, budgets and other requirements – often with others having more authority than them. 

This dynamic course enables administrative professionals to apply powerful negotiating methods and skills with greater competence and confidence. Acquire essential tools you can use immediately back at work to negotiate the best results for yourself and the diverse people you support.


  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your negotiating style
  • Determine the most effective negotiation strategies and methods for different situations
  • Gain buy-in from others, even when they have more authority
  • Use the power of proactive questioning and critical listening to consistently influence others at all levels
  • Communicate assertively and diplomatically to build strong negotiating partnerships
  • Manage emotional responses to tough negotiators, tension, disagreement, anger and conflict
  • Achieve negotiation closure more efficiently, to reach mutually beneficial agreements
  • Know when it is most appropriate to walk away

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