Managing Performance

Driving Results through People

This course delivers applied training in the concepts and skills of managing performance effectively. Explore techniques for planning, coaching and reviewing performance on an ongoing basis. Learn how to diagnose performance opportunities and problems, reinforce exemplary behaviour and motivate people to give their best. Create a work environment where people can grow and succeed, while achieving mission-critical results.


  • Link individual role objectives to organizational strategy, goals and values
  • Coach individuals and teams to adapt behaviours that drive outstanding results
  • Support a perception of fairness and consistency
  • Properly assess and document employee performance
  • Increase accountability and objectivity by getting employees to assess their own performance
  • Manage the performance of high, solid and marginal employees
  • Motivate people to go the extra mile for the team and organization
  • Use performance management as a positive mechanism for personal and organizational growth


Canada BC Job Grant 

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