Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Enhancing Your Success through Operations and
Process Excellence

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has proven to be a powerful methodology to increase customer and staff satisfaction while improving the business bottom line. This workshop introduces the concepts, tools and techniques of LSS. Expand your familiarity with the DMAIC framework. Explore how LSS can be used in strategic initiatives and projects across different industries. Build hands-on skills that you can apply immediately back at work.

  • Discover how LSS builds operation excellence
  • Employ LSS to drive a culture of continuous improvement that focuses on customer-driven value
  • Apply the DMAIC framework methodology to everyday business problems  
  • Enable data-driven decisions through the right application of tools and statistics
  • Improve collaboration with stakeholders
  • Expand your career by exploring possibilities within the process excellence space



Canada BC Job Grant 

2018/2019 Course Calendar