Leading with Energy

Manage the Leadership Power that Comes from Within

Human energy is the most valuable leadership resource of all—yet rarely are we taught how to manage it. In this course you will learn methods for increasing your energy capacity and managing your personal energy for effective leadership action. Think and move strategically for sustained energy levels. Establish the healthy habits required for peak performance. Lead from an authentic and inspiring energized state.

We recommend taking this program in conjunction with our NEW 2-day Mindful Leadership program


  • Cope with the pressures of today’s productivity-focused workplace
  • Shed energy-sucking habits that lead to frustration, burnout, disengagement and potentially serious health risks
  • Structure your workday for optimal energy, focus and creativity
  • Bring out your best by managing your emotions
  • Connect with your most deeply held values
  • Apply action plans to achieve immediate and long-term energy gains
  • Recover from stress and recharge your batteries for a fresh start
  • Centre your mind for increased self-confidence and effective leadership engagement
  • Create better work/life balance


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