Leader's Window

Use the Four Styles of Leadership to Elevate Individual
and Team Performance

This course uses the proven L4 leadership system as a framework for developing the insights and skills of an effective leader. Build awareness of your preferred leadership style, and diversify your leadership portfolio by exploring the advantages of other styles. Rebalance your approach in order to meet the needs of specific situations, individuals and teams. Practice techniques for creating smooth working relationships and inspiring people towards higher achievement.


  • Identify your dominant leadership style, strengths and areas for improvement
  • Improve your effectiveness by using the best style for any situation
  • Reduce errors caused by over-management or under-management
  • Match your leadership style to team members’ performance potential
  • Inspire and empower people to give their best
  • Build effective teams and raise team performance levels
  • Implement demonstrated performance improvement strategies
  • Sharpen your interpersonal skills to become a more successful leader
  • Increase your leadership influence to get people to work together towards organizational goals

Canada BC Job Grant 

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