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Harnessing Creativity for Organizational Growth

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Organization to
Drive Innovation


Explore creativity as a powerful organizational engine for solving complex challenges and driving innovation. Develop your personal creative leadership skills. Design a more supportive creative culture within your company—one that encourages people to take risks, and bring their full creative faculties to the fore. Gain hands-on practice using a diverse set of creative thinking techniques you can apply immediately back at work.


  • Investigate the nature of your own creativity and tap into the power of “whole-brain” thinking
  • Discover how great leaders develop innovative corporate cultures
  • Avoid unintentionally killing creativity in your culture, and unfetter organizational creativity by granting “permission to fail”
  • Promote a confident creative mindset in others
  • Think outside the box to design transformative solutions to business challenges
  • Harness creativity as a core foundation for disruptive thinking and innovation
  • Leverage the new “sharing economy” to channel creativity in your customer base


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