Fundamentals of Marketing for Non-Marketers

Building the Foundation for Effective Marketing and
Winning Brands

Ann Stone

Learn from UBC Sauder marketing instructor Ann Stone. A dynamic lecturer, Ann brings to the classroom more than 25 years of marketing experience.

This course examines the fundamental concepts and skills of marketing, and the formulation of winning marketing strategies and action plans. Ideally suited for mid-level managers in any field, it explores the basic toolkit that marketers use every day to segment customer groups, differentiate products and services, communicate with customers, and create lasting bonds between brands and the target market.


  • Gain maximum insight into consumer behaviours and preferences, in order to identify and segment target audiences
  • Create and sustain customer value by developing an effective marketing strategy
  • Build competitive advantage for firms, brands, or any marketable concept through the effective use of the marketing mix
  • Develop sound communication strategies
  • Cultivate lasting bonds between your target audience and your brand
  • Improve distribution and brand delivery
  • Generate a positioning statement that identifies the basis of your competitive advantage
  • Bring the power of diffusion of innovation to your product strategy

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