Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
for Non-Financial Managers

Develop Your Skills in Dealing with Financial Information

This course is designed to help managers with little or no experience in accounting or financial management to develop a working knowledge of these critical business areas. Build your confidence in reading and understanding financial information. Improve your ability to question and discuss financial decisions. Learn methods often used to evaluate the financial viability and impact of business decisions.

For a course on interpreting financial statements, please refer to Financial Statement Analysis for the Non-Accountant


  • Improve your managerial effectiveness through a better understanding of financial information
  • Apply basic financial concepts and techniques to better support your decision making process
  • Integrate financial information with other business functions
  • Make more informed investment and management decisions
  • Use capital budgeting techniques to evaluate business alternatives
  • Communicate and work more effectively with financial professionals


Canada BC Job Grant 

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