Fundamentals of Business Process Management

Analyze, Document and Redesign Processes for
Dramatic Improvement

This workshop draws on proven process management concepts and practices to help you build a framework for continuous improvement in your organization. Identify process improvement opportunities, and get applied experience in process mapping, lean management and other scientific methods for effective process management. Construct robust metrics that allow you to measure the status of any process in real time. Maintain effective controls for optimizing capacity and managing process variability, risk and change. Strengthen your leadership skills for supporting a culture that delivers ongoing improvement results.


  • Employ diagnostic tools to identify and fix broken processes, structural problems, system disconnects and problematic people issues 
  • Create elegant processes that can help you do more with less
  • Apply rigorous problem-solving practices to plan, implement and lead process improvements 
  • Allocate resources and capacity optimally to processes
  • Capture vital metrics on costs, timing and quality
  • Turn staff frustration into ideas to improve processes, people and systems
  • Demonstrate cost savings and return on investment opportunities to senior management
  • Develop powerful leadership skills to build a work culture of continuous improvement



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