Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy

Design Customer Programs that Strengthen your Organization’s Competitive Advantage

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, virtually all products and services are being demoted to commodities. One way to gain sustainable advantage is to create a customer base that cherishes the value and experience they have interacting with your organization.
This course focuses on developing and leading a customer service strategy and culture. Build customer programs that drive retention and revenue growth, while cultivating customers who become your best advertisements. Create a corporate culture that fosters company-wide commitment to customer service excellence.


  • Develop an organization-wide strategy for serving customers across all customer touchpoints
  • Identify a clear customer service vision and objectives
  • Align your service delivery with the engagement needs of your customer
  • Embed your desired customer experience throughout the entire organization—not just in the Sales and Customer Service departments
  • Design customer satisfaction metrics that drive change in your service delivery
  • Foster a customer-serving culture that keeps people coming back for more


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