Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for
Public Service Leaders

Find Solutions to Problems and Implement Them through Effective Leadership Influence

This workshop explores concepts and skills for critical thinking, solution-oriented problem solving and effective presentations in a public sector setting. Sharpen your ability to unpack problems and opportunities, and make well-informed decisions. Coach your staff to bring you ideas rather than problems. Increase your chances of success when offering recommendations to top decision makers.

The program focuses on your real-world issues. You will be guided through a process carefully linked to applicability in your government or non-profit sector agency.


  • Enhance your facilitation techniques to gain ideas from others
  • Fine-tune team decision making to multiply your options
  • Use proven frameworks to customize your situational problem-solving approach
  • Enhance your organization’s decision-making capacities
  • Manage a structured solution-seeking process to foster public service innovation
  • Adapt your presentations to public sector stakeholders and decision maker needs
  • Apply effective presentation skills for public service leadership success


Canada BC Job Grant 

2018/2019 Course Calendar