Building a Successful Business Case

The Art of Getting What You Need

Funding. Staffing or equipment. Promotion. Customer satisfaction. No matter what you’re asking for, a strong business case can open the door to getting what you need.

This course is designed to help you achieve success by building a compelling business case. Learn what decision makers require in order to act on your ask. Use the case creation process to organize your thoughts and plot your course of action. Draft a concise report that covers the necessary bases. Deliver a persuasive presentation that will capture your audience’s attention and convince them to grant your request.


  • Support your initiatives with straightforward financial analysis
  • Make better decisions through defined goals and action plans
  • Understand your audiences and cater to their needs
  • Employ the terminology used by key decision makers
  • Strengthen your presentation skills with effective preparation and execution techniques
  • Deploy strong business cases to advance both immediate-term requests and long-term career goals



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