Adaptive Communication: Thinking on Your Feet

Become a More Agile Business Leader through Improvisation

The tools of improvisation don’t just exist for stage performers: they are equally essential in managerial contexts. The dynamic business environment requires leaders to observe what is happening in the moment, adapt on a dime, and create with whatever is at hand—precisely the same skills used by professional performers.

In this workshop you will learn the tools of effective improvisation, and integrate them into your managerial skill set. Develop a confident, “ready for anything” mindset that helps you find the right action in the moment. Adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Create innovative ideas on the fly. Communicate compelling narratives, and collaborate constructively with others.


  • Get out of our own head, and be present in the moment
  • Respond rapidly and appropriately in dynamic situations
  • Open up pathways for creativity and innovation
  • Get the most from your environment through active listening
  • Think on your feet in meetings or when answering unexpected questions
  • Collaborate with others for truly shared projects
  • Connect with people through storytelling


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