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Achieving a Leadership Presence®

Perform your Leadership Role with a Compelling Presence

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course will enable you to bring out the performer that lives within us all. Learn to develop your personal performance style, and build an inspirational leadership presence that engages others. Fulfil your leadership role with the political savvy necessary for anyone who aspires upward in the organization.

Through an intensive series of workshops, almost every moment will present you with opportunities to practice your new skills and receive supportive one-on-one feedback.

™Trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc.


  • Develop the authentic presence and clear communication style of a true leader
  • Read your audience and know what moves them 
  • Take your speaking skills to the next level 
  • Structure your thinking on the fly in impromptu discussions 
  • Overcome nerves and fear of public speaking
  • Make an immediate, and lasting, impression with strong entrances and exits 
  • Act the leadership part with passion, energy and compelling self-assurance


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