Achieving a Leadership Presence®

Develop the Presence and Influence of a
Strong Business Leader

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course is for business professionals who wish to develop an inspirational leadership presence. Step confidently onto any stage, and hold the room with an unmistakable presence that distinguishes you as a seasoned speaker and strong leader. Represent your company in an engaging, persuasive and memorable way.

Almost every moment will present you with opportunities to bring out the “executive performer” that lives within you. Explore the active connection between leadership and communication, as you hone your skills in a supportive learning environment.

™Trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc.


  • Develop the presence and clear communication style of a true leader
  • Use your authentic presence to inspire others
  • Take your speaking skills to the next level, by developing a powerful stance and expressive voice
  • Overcome nerves and fear of public speaking
  • Perform scripts in a polished but natural way
  • Use improvisational techniques to improve collaboration
  • Project a dynamic image that elicits trust and respect
  • Create your executive character and act the leadership part with energy and compelling self-assurance


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