Certificate in Professional
Project Management

This certificate is an intensive, part-time educational program for experienced and aspiring project managers. The program examines relevant theory, as well as the practical application of the skills, tools and techniques needed to effectively design and implement successful projects. The curriculum combines the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) with core areas of specialization.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Professional Project Management is structured on 3 core and 3 non-core modules. The 3 non-core modules are selected from 10 electives enabling a high degree of customization based on personal learning objectives and preferences as summarized below.

Students may take up to 4 years to complete all required courses. Core and Elective courses can be taken in any order.

Project Management Essentials

This course provides participants with a solid grounding in the key disciplines necessary to deliver successful projects. Participants learn the stages and processes of controlling scope, quality, time and cost and managing project risk. The course emphasizes the human and leadership factors that play a key role in managing successful projects.

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Controlling Project Scope, Time and Cost

Project schedule, budget and scope are management issues that lead to many conflicts throughout the project life cycle. Learn practical techniques for planning, managing and balancing these and other key project constraints.

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Risk Management for Projects

Risk management is a proactive process for resolving problems before they occur. It’s also about managing the positive outcome of risk. This course describes a structured process for identifying and managing both the negative and positive impacts of risk in project environments.

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