Certificate in Marketing Management
and Innovation

This certificate is an intensive, part-time educational program for experienced and aspiring managers looking to better their core marketing skill set. The certificate program focuses on the areas of branding, creativity, innovation, sales, and communications; these core areas are delivered with senior executive level curriculum to develop best-in-class marketing practices. The certificate has the combined focus of developing your marketing toolkit and maximizing customer engagement.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Marketing Management and Innovation is structured on 1 core and 5 non-core courses. The 5 non-core courses are selected from 11 electives, enabling a high degree of customization based on personal learning objectives and preferences as summarized below.

Students may take up to 4 years to complete all required courses. Core and Elective courses can be taken in any order.

Product and Service Management Boot Camp

This five-day program provides managers with strategic frameworks and best practices for analyzing market opportunities and developing products and services that maximize profitability. Spot opportunities for growth, and take your company to the next stage of success.

  • Understand your organization’s market position and its unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Create and support an organizational culture that values innovation and risk-taking
  • Gain a long-term plan for ongoing profitability and sustainability

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