Customised Corporate Programs

A full range of corporate education solutions

We work with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their needs and objectives and determine the relevant educational approach, whether it be through attendance in our Open Enrolment courses, a co-branded certificate program or through a fully customized program.

Co-branded Corporate Certificates

Develop a co-branded Corporate Certificate to focus organizational and individual development. Let our registration team help you identify performance goals and manage enrolment, invoicing and reporting. We can also offer organizational rates to help your training dollars to go further.

In-house Delivery of Open Enrolment Courses

Choose from over 50 programs on a broad range of topics, such as leadership, strategy, general business acumen and many more, to deliver in-house training within your organization. Our in-house programs bring our faculty expertise and proven course content to the unique context of your organization.

Fully Customized Corporate Programs

Our unparalleled network of leading faculty, practitioners and consultants means that we create comprehensive, customized, integrated learning solutions to fit your corporate needs. Contact us to discuss how our custom business management and leadership courses can work for your organization.


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“At Rocky Mountaineer, our people are our greatest asset. The program we have developed with Sauder has allowed us to combine growing our people while achieving real business outcomes for a strong return on investment.”

Steve Sammut
President and CEO
Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer