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The University of British Columbia is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute. Please contact us to obtain your Proof of Enrollment for any of the following approved courses.

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University of British Columbia Provider: #1518

Course Name
Activity #
# of PDUs
Achieving a Leadership Presence  EE1058  13 
Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop EE1001 13
Analyzing and Improving Office and Service Operations EE1020 13
Building a Strong Organizational Culture
Building Trust EE1021 13
Business Analysis Essentials  EE1058   19.5
Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage EE1022 13
Coaching & Mentoring EE1002 13
Coaching for Leadership Excellence EE1003 13
Communication for the Senior Leader® EE1025 13
Communication Skills for Managers EE1004 13
Controlling Project Scope, Time and Cost EE1023 19.5
Creativity and Innovation for Business
EE1024 13
Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making
 EE1062  13
Employment and Human Rights Law for Managers  EE1026 13
Essential Management Skills EE1005 32.5
Fearless Facilitation EE1006 13
Financial Statement Analysis for the Non-Accountant EE1007 13
Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers EE1008 19.5
Fundamentals of Marketing EE1027 13
Fundamentals of Strategy for Senior Leaders EE1028 13
Governing the Strategic Project Portfolio EE1029 13
Growing Client Relationships EE1030 13
Increasing Personal Productivity  EE1061   13
Influential Manager EE1019 13
Integrated Management Program EE1009 32.5
Integrated Talent Management EE1031 13
Leader's Window EE1010 13
Leadership for Administrative Professionals EE1032 13
Leading Dynamic Project Teams EE1000 13
Leading High Performance Teams EE1011 13
Leading in a Unionized Workplace EE1012 13
Leading Organizational Change EE1034 19.5
Leading with Energy EE1035 13
Leveraging Your Leadership Strengths  EE1059   13
Managing Effective Meetings
 EE1063  13
Marketing Communications EE1036 13
Master Clinic on Solving Tough Problems EE1037 13
Meeting The Leadership Challenge EE1013 35.5
Negotiation Skills for Administrative Professionals EE1038 13
Persuasion: How to Change Ideas, Attitudes and Actions EE1039 13
Power Writing for Business Leaders EE1040 13
Presenting as a Leader
Process Mapping & Process Improvement EE1014 13
Process Metrics, Management and Controls EE1041 13
Procurement and Contract Management Practices EE1015 13
Product Management Boot Camp EE1042 32.5
Production and Supply Chain Management EE1043 13
Project Management Essentials EE1016 19.5
Project Management for Administrative Professionals EE1044 13
Project Portfolio Management
 EE1064  13
Risk Management Essentials EE1045 13
Speaking as a Leader® EE1046 13
Strategic Decision Making EE1047 13
Strategic Human Resource Management EE1048 19.5
Strategic Organizational Culture EE1049 13
Strategic Pricing EE1050 13
Strategies, Skills & Tactics of Negotiations EE1017 19.5
Strategy and Innovation EE1051 39
Strategy Design Boot Camp EE1052 19.5
Strategy Execution Workshop EE1053 19.5
Strategy Planning and Design  EE1060  13 
Structuring & Managing Strategic Alliances EE1018 13
Taking the Stage® EE1054 13
Understanding and Managing Change EE1055 13