The faculty perspective.

Business isn't what it used to be. Are you ready?

UBC Sauder experts Dr. James Tansey and Dr. Justin Bull recently sat down with Roddy Millar

Justin and James Interview   
Recently at The White Collar Factory in the heart of London's 'Tech City' district, UBC Sauder experts Dr. James Tansey and Dr. Justin Bull recently sat down with Roddy Millar, Editorial Director at the global executive education publication Developing Leaders to talk about sustainability, innovation and how business is driving change...more

When you're always looking forward, the world looks to you

Associate Dean, Bruce Wiesner on what the world can learn from the Canadian approach to business.

Bruce Wiesner Feature Story   
In an interview with IEDP, a global publication focused on the executive development sector, Bruce Wiesner, Associate Dean for Executive Education at the UBC Sauder School...more

Become a leader who makes a difference

Professor Daniel Skarlicki says leaders are created not born.

In his course Meeting the Leadership Challenge, Prof. Skarlicki builds a creative environment full of group discussions, role-playing and case studies that empower students to realize their...more

Your strategy is our focus

Professor Dale Griffin says without the big picture, strategy is a nonstarter.

    In his course Strategic Decision Making, Prof. Griffin equips managers with tools and perspectives to navigate complex challenges, anticipate future turbulence, and deliver long-term value...more

Come out on top when making a deal

Professor Daniel Skarlicki says people are desperately under prepared for negotiations.

Daniel Skarlicki
    In his course Strategies and Skills of Successful Negotiation, Prof. Skarlicki helps participants hone in on their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the art of the deal and introduces techniques...more

Get rid of your business blind spots

Professor Tim Silk says assumptions are a manager's worst enemy.

Tim Silk
UBC Sauder Professor Tim Silk gives managers the skills they need to see their products and services in a completely new light. Drawing on his extensive research in consumer behaviour...more

Four ways to become more creative

Professor Darren Dahl believes rediscovered childhood creativity could transform business innovation.

Darren Dahl     Ranked by the American Marketing Association as the second leading marketing researcher in the world, UBC Sauder professor Darren Dahl brings to life his expertise...more

Keep projects on track by playing to strengths

Leading project management educator Denise Holleran-Boswell talks about how managers can keep projects on track by playing to strengths

Denise Holleran-Boswell     As lead instructor in the Professional Project Management Certificate Program at UBC Sauder and founder and managing partner of Collaborators in Knowledge Inc...more

Transform your workplace culture

Leading Organizational Behaviour educator Tracey Gurton challenges participants to make the work world a better place

Tracey Gurton     For 11 years, Tracey Gurton has helped transform workplace culture through her award-winning programs in leadership communication and organizational...more