Vanessa Wong
BSc, Psychology from UBC
UBC DAP Student

Vanessa Wong

A CPA designation will lead to collaboration and teamwork for Vanessa Wong

Vanessa Wong did not expect that her work as a lifeguard and swim instructor would inform her decision to pursue a career in accounting. With an interest in business and the realization that the collaboration and teamwork she had experienced at the pool could be found in a work environment, she set out to talk to people about their career paths. It was the passion and enthusiasm of the accountants she spoke with that solidified her decision to earn a CPA designation.

The Decision

Vanessa chose the UBC Diploma in Accounting Program because of the reputation of both the UBC Sauder School of Business and the UBC DAP faculty. “UBC DAP genuinely prepares students to work in the real world and opens doors to opportunities,” explains Wong.

The Transition

“With a science undergraduate degree in psychology from UBC, I wasn’t concerned about the transition. However I did find the workload for each class to be quite heavy and challenging, necessitating time management on my part to balance work, school and my social life. UBC DAP offers a lot of support to students in transitioning to the program as their backgrounds vary widely.”

The Experience

“The friendships I have made with classmates and professors have really helped me through any difficulties I’ve had during the program,” says Wong. “Having people to study and discuss the materials with has made it much easier to stay on top of things and be prepared for exams.”

The Career Path

My goal is to obtain my CPA and work as part of a team for a respectable firm. With that in mind, I am striving to build strong relationships with my peers in the program and accountants working in the field.”